Izza Aftab

Program Director

Dr. Izza Aftab has done her PhD in Economics from The New School of Social Research at The New School University on a Fulbright Scholarship. Izza is an Assistant Professor and Head of Economics Department at ITU’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Izza has set up cutting edge undergraduate and graduate degrees at ITU. Her research interests include firm level innovation, BRI, structural macroeconomics, economics of innovation and the Sustainable Development Goals. In her hard earned and very little free time, Izza enjoys travelling and photography.

Syeda Amna Hassan

Project Coordinator

Before joining ITU, Syeda Amna Hassan was a freelance reporter and private investigator, conducting investigations for terrorism and corruption trials. She was primarily retained by international law firms defending Pakistani clients accused of criminal activity based on thin or inconclusive evidence, and helped them gather evidence in Pakistan. She also wrote sporadically for local and international publications, including National Geographic, Pulitzer Center, Express Tribune, and Daily Times. She has a Master’s degree in Journalism from UC Berkeley, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Sciences from the Lahore University of Management Sciences. She is a Fulbrighter.

Hassan Bukhari

Project Coordinator

Prior to joining ITU, Hassan Bukhari was an Environmental Specialist at Hagler Bailly Pakistan. He has conducted many environmental impact assessments including those of coal mines and power plants in the Thar coal fields, hydropower projects on the Jhelum River, and international highways in Central Asia. He holds a Master’s degree in Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the Lahore University of Management Sciences.He has worked on a wide breadth of multi-disciplinary projects for organizations such as the Great Lakes Commission, Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, World Wildlife Fund, and the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan. He enjoys playing rugby and has played with the LUMS and Ann Arbor Rugby teams. Hassan is a Fullbrighter.

Taha Asad

Research Assistant

Taha Asad is a research and resettlement specialist. He has a Masters in Social Sciences from University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Taha has worked at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), Agrihunt (Denmark) and Hagler Bailly Pakistan under various projects. He enjoys cooking, creating new recipes, traveling, photography and playing chess.

Zehra Riaz

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Zehra Riaz Notta graduated from Lahore University of Management Sciences with a BSc. in Economics and Psychology. Soon after, she joined Interactive Research and Development (IRD) in Karachi and started working on research projects in the public sector. She has worked on RCTs, prevalence studies and has also conducted impact evaluations in the public health sector. Zehra is an adventure enthusiast and particularly enjoys trekking in the mountains. She has been leading trekking tours to remote valleys in Gilgit-Baltistan since 2014, first with students and now with international tourists.

Tehreem Mahmood

Child Protection Specialist

Tehreem Mahmood has a graduate degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology from University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom. Her undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology from Government College University, Lahore set her on this important path. She is a graduate member of The British Psychological Society. Before joining ITU, Tehreem was a visiting faculty member at Punjab University College of Information Technology and Centre for Clinical Psychology at University of Punjab. She also served as a mentor/ABA tutor for children with behavioral and learning difficulties at the Les Petit Lutins Nursery, Wembley, United Kingdom. She enjoys traveling, photography, yoga and baking.

Khadeja Tahir

Expert Trainer

Khadeja Tahir has master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Government College University, Lahore. During her training as Clinical Psychologist she worked at the Psychiatry Department of Services Hospital, Lahore and Center of Mentally and Physically Affected Special Students (COMPASS). She practiced as School Counselor at Government Central Model and Lady McLagen Girls High School. Khadeja was a visiting faculty member at University of Lahore, where she taught cognitive and learning psychology. Before joining ITU, she worked as Research Assistant and Lecturer at Institute of Psychology, Beaconhouse National University. Khadeja enjoys painting and photography.

Dr. Haiqa Nasir

Expert Trainer

Dr. Haiqa Nasir is a dental surgeon by profession. She has a keen interest in women and children’s rights and has been working to raise awareness about child sexual abuse prevention. She designs her own self-defense workshops for women with the aim to cover basics about street harassment. She has researched the loopholes present in the SOP for dental surgeons when reporting or treating cases of child abuse and hopes to highlight them. She loves mixed martial arts and indulging in hand-embroidery.

Syed Jawwad Bukhari

Expert Trainer

Syed Jawwad Bukhari has a master’s degree in Political Science. Over the years, he has worked for USAID, USDOL, CIDA, DSD, and other international organizations. He has done scores of consultancies and research on social issues. Jawwad is a strong advocate of change and change management. He believes that Pakistan has a great human resource potential and is poised to play a strategic global role in the near future. His areas of expertise include Training, HRD, planning, M&E, management, documentation, and research. He has worked extensively on NFE, formal education, and education planning and child protection. He is one of the founding members of Alpha Foundation.

Muddsar Akhter

Expert Trainer

Muddsar Akhter has professional experience as a third party validator for the monitoring and evaluation of government schools. He has also worked as a field officer for Post-Campaign Monitoring (PCM) at APEX Consulting, and as a team member at the “Maa aur Bachay ki Sehat” project at LUMS. He has conducted many sessions on “Preventive Measures for Child Sexual Abuse” as Master Trainer at SAHIL. He also contributed to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) at Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agahi (ITA). He has done post-graduation in social sciences from the University of Punjab Lahore.

Roman Irmesh

Field Facilitator

Roman Irmesh is a student of MS Development Studies at ITU with an interest in social development policies. She has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. She has also worked as a Field Researcher for the UNDP and UNFPA funded project “Mapping Slums using Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning” conducted by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Tech Lab at ITU. She wants to work on social and developmental issues. Roman enjoys travelling, reading novels, and photography.

Sabeen Mehboob Khan

Field Facilitator

Sabeen Mehboob Khan is a part of a global community of passionate change makers, working as a Facilitator/Field researcher at Safer Society for Children’s and also serving as a Teaching Assistant in the School of Humanities at ITU. Her stance to create optimality, equity and efficiency led her to undergo a bachelor in the field of Economics which projected her further interest of Ms in Development, policy, and technology. She also did fieldwork and emancipated a slum oppressed people to educate themselves and their children. Her motivation through this project is to make children mentally & physically healthy and confident.

Burhan Zafar

Field Facilitator

Burhan Zafar is a student of MS Development Studies at Information Technology University. After finishing his undergraduate degree in Business Studies (with a focus on marketing) from National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST) Lahore, he worked for three years at Abacus Consulting as Communication and Brand Executive. Later on, due to his keen interest and passion for social and environmental issues, he opted for this program at ITU, and is currently focusing on public health and environment. He loves travelling to rural areas of Pakistan in search of peace and tranquility and runs a small environmental activism initiative named Zero Littering.

Adnan Hassan

Field Facilitator

Adnan Hassan has joined M.S Development Studies with an interest to study technology and its policies after taking his bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering. His area of interest is in public finance and technology policies. He is working here to learn more about statistical analysis and field work. He has also done data analysis for SSC. He enjoys reading books and travelling.

Jamshed Qaisar

Illustrator / Concept Artist

Jamshed Qaisar has over 7 years of professional experience as a Digital Artist / Concept Artist / Illustrator and has created storyboards for advertisements and comics; illustrations for children’s books; explainer videos; doodles; sketches; digital art; characters for print media; and artwork for various campaigns, fashion houses, animation studios, software houses, NGOs and international children’s book publishers.