Research through Focus Groups

The project team has conducted 46 focus groups discussions with a total of 451 participants in various towns in Kasur and Sheikhupura. Through these detailed discussion with students, parents, teachers, doctors, nurses, police (constables and inspectors) the team has understood current knowledge, attitudes and practices of the target audiences.

Development of Curriculum

The project is currently developing curriculum to: educate parents and teachers about the signs and impacts of child sexual abuse and how to talk to their children about it; sensitize police and health care workers so that they can better interact with child sexual abuse cases; and with children to encourage them to report uncomfortable interactions with adults and implement preventive safety measures. All curriculum including presentations and teaching guides will be available on this site once developed for the use and benefit of all.

Development of Online Course

The project will develop and host an online course that educates all professionals that come into contact with children on the possible signs of abuse and what to do when one suspects abuse.


Coming Soon…..